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Choosing a location for your engagement session or wedding portraits in Simcoe County can be a difficult task. We are fortunate to be surrounded by naturally occurring beauty that is as diverse as it is plentiful. Whether a romantic walk along the beach at sunset or a hike through the mountains, you can find it within an hour of Barrie, often at the same venue. As engagement sessions are continuous (meaning they occur on a single day, with no breaks), this diversity allows plenty of variety in your backgrounds, with limited time spent travelling by foot or in a vehicle.

Many couples choose to include their dog in their Simcoe County engagement session, and I absolutely understand why! My dog is an important part of my life and appears in all of my family portraits. For this reason, I have included information about the dog policy, specific to each venue on the list below. As always, please remember that these are public locations and therefore dogs are to be kept on-leash at all times. Also, please do consider having a third person join us for your engagement session who is able to handle your dog comfortably while I work with the two of you alone at times.

Note that while the list below includes many of the most beautiful engagement session locations around Orillia and Barrie, it is not exhaustive. If there is a location that holds a special place in your heart I would be delighted to meet you there. I would love to hear about your favourite picnic place, or the cottage where you grew up and capture current moments, while also giving you a reminder of happy memories.

An Important Note to other Wedding Photographers, Vendors and Professionals: If you would like to showcase this information on your website, blog or social media page, I ask that you do not copy and paste the information but simply link to this site, instead. Like our photographs, we all appreciate having our work credited to us – so please, be the professionals your clients expect you to be and do not simply copy the info below but link to it appropriately. Thank you!