Tudhope Park

The highlight of this location is, of course, the beach. Let's have some fun building a sandcastle together, then cool off splashing our feet in the water for some photographs that capture the joys of summertime. There is a fabulous old-fashioned ice cream stand along the beach. We can get a cone (I recommend chocolate chip) and walk through the tree-lined trails, away from the crowds, for more romantic portraits. Overall, this is a great place to come if you are looking for a combination of natural beauty and beach-front views. It is conveniently located just off of Highway 12, minutes from the Highway 11 junction.

Dog-Friendly? Yes, except on beach sand.

Best Season to Visit: Summer/Autumn

Privacy Level? Moderate. There are often families at the beach, playground and picnic areas, however fewer people on the walking trails. Location has some visibility from the road.

Permit Required? No. The ice cream stand on the beach takes cash only, if you are interested in a cone.

Parking Fee? No.