Belcroft Estate Wedding

Family-owned for generations, the Belcroft property is deeply rooted in stories of love and togetherness. Originally a fully operational cattle farm, the barn and surrounding paddocks have been completely transformed into a romantic rustic retreat with little pockets of inspiration around every corner.

The Barn

The most iconic scene at the Belcroft property is, of course, the historic barn. Original wooden siding, authentic swing-style doors and windows trimmed with shutters matching the red WELCOME sign, and a silo peeking out from behind -- it's the opening scene of any country romance movie.

Inside, a beautiful main floor gathering room offers a perfect space for family to convene. Simple furniture fits the theme of the space, with wooden barrel tables, wood benches and neutral chairs.

Upstairs the space offers two semi-divided rooms -- the first being smaller with a bar tucked to one corner and an open floor plan perfect for dancing the night away. A chalk sign overhangs the bar reminding guests that it's party time!

The larger room is set up for a wedding reception with an open floor plan and available tables and chairs to rent. There is little needed to decorate the space as the exposed hand-hewn beams, elegant string lighting and views overlooking the Belcroft Estate property speak for themselves. Either of these indoor spaces would be ideal as a ceremony back-up plan in the event of inclement weather.

The Courtyard

Beside the barn is a triangular stone courtyard with wooden gazebo. Privacy is created by surrounding trees and gardens on two sides, and the barn on the third.

This versatile space can be set up for an outdoor wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, family portraits or the perfect view for your guests to witness your first dance under the stars.

The Grounds

There are simply too many features of this incredible property to list, but in an effort to try... here are a few favourites:

The Shady Lane

My favourite spot for a First Look or for the couple to step away for a quiet moment before the big celebration begins.

The Train Car

The Historic Spa Building

A perfect punch

The Quiet Pond and Deck

What could be more peaceful than listening to the rustle of the grass as small frogs explore, seeing birds dip down for a drink or gazing at clouds reflected in the stillness?

The Iconic Belcroft Bridge

Featured in the Belcroft Estate logo and even more beautiful in real life!

The Marquee Tent

Tucked away from the barn, accessible by car on its own driveway extension, is the Marque Tent. Sophisticated and classy, with a blank canvas for your dream decor, this isn't an ordinary tent venue! White fabric and grand chandeliers line the ceiling, giving the space a warmth and softness. Compliment this with the green foliage visible from all sides and you have the perfect blend of an outdoor wedding with the formal elegance of a ballroom.

Guests of the Marquee Tent have access to a private parking lot, bridal suite and stone patio with outdoor fireplace (roasted marshmallows, anyone??). Couples are able to enjoy other features of the grounds for their portrait photography, but have the feeling of a totally separate venue even with another wedding onsite at the Barn.

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