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Toronto & Beyond Engagement Locations

Engagement Session Locations in

Toronto, GTA & Beyond

Choosing a location for your engagement session can be a difficult task. In Ontario we are fortunate to be surrounded by naturally occurring beauty that is as diverse as it is plentiful. This page has been compiled as a guide to offer suggestions for locations in Toronto, the GTA and beyond.

Important Notice Regarding Photography Permits:

The majority of locations in Toronto do require a photography permit, per local bylaw regulations. Photographers have no say in whether a permit is required for a location, nor do we receive any percentage of the purchase fee for it.

While I have done my best to provide permit information for each location, permit bylaws do change periodically and this information was current only at the time it was written. When considering these, or any location in the Toronto region, please take a few minutes to do your research ahead of time to ensure no surprises on the day of your portraits.

For locations that are far less likely to require a permit, please consider travelling North for your portrait session to take place in the Muskoka Region, or Simcoe County.

An Important Note to other Wedding Vendors and Professionals: If you would like to showcase this information on your website or blog, I ask that you do not copy and paste the information but simply link to this site. Like our photographs, we all appreciate having our work credited to us – so please, be the professionals your clients expect you to be and do not simply copy the info below but link to it appropriately. Thank you.