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Outfit Recommendations for Family Portraits

Outfit Recommendations for Family Portraits

1. This is the most important suggestion: try to stick with neutral, earthy tones (black, grey, burgundy, dark blues, muted forest greens, and deep purples are ideal).

2. Please avoid large graphic images, logos or distracting patterns on clothing.

3. If children are included in your group, offer them two choices of outfit. If they are old enough, encourage them to give feedback or choose their favourite of the two options. Let them know that the outfit is for a special occasion when the whole family will get together in their favourite clothing. Present the portrait session as something exciting to which they should look forward to participating. If you have a family events calendar, include the portrait session on it and have children add fun stickers or other accents to that date.

4. If you typically love vibrant colour, consider bringing an accessory that can be added, or removed, from your outfit as needed. During the winter, colourful gloves, scarves or hats can accomplish this nicely. In the summer, a fashion scarf, waist belt, or fun shoes could be suitable. If you do not normally dress in vibrant colours, sticking with the neutral tones is perfectly suitable for your family portrait session.

5. Co-ordinate, rather than match, other members in your group.

6. If twins are included in the session, consider giving them their own outfit, different from that of their sibling.

7. Plan a suitable jacket or sweater, even if you don't think you will need it. Consider the colour and style of this overcoat so that it compliments your outfit.

8. Make sure your outfit is comfortable. If wearing something brand new, please give it a test-run in advance of your portrait session. Wear it to work, or shopping, and make sure it moves comfortably with your body and makes you feel FABULOUS.This is especially important if young children are included in your group. Let them wear their new outfit to school, or around the house, to ensure the fabric is not itchy or uncomfortable, and that it moves with them as they play.

Don't forget your best smile, and memories of the love you share -- the rest will come naturally. Relax, and enjoy this wonderful experience.