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Winter Wedding Tips

Top Five Tips For Your Winter Wedding

Winter is often the most magical time of year for your special day, however there are a few considerations that go hand-in-hand with the darker, snowier months. A bit of advanced planning will ensure your winter wedding is exactly as you have always dreamed.

The Perfect Time Of Year

After deciding on a winter wedding, the next question to consider is which of the four months (November - February) you prefer. Research historical weather trends to determine the snowiest months in your local area. If considering December, inquire with your venue as to their holiday decorating plans. If you like what you hear, this may save money in your budget and greatly reduce your set-up and tear-down time. If you prefer a blank slate for your own inspiration, inquire whether decorating can be removed before your event, or consider a different month.

Baby, It’s Cozy Inside

As the sun sets earlier in wintertime, request to visit your venue during the evening hours, to get a sense of what you can expect during your reception. Consider the atmosphere of the space — does it meet your vision with the lighting supplied? If you need a bit of cozy elegance, decorating with candles is the perfect place to start. Welcome guests with candles of various heights and thicknesses grouped along the pathway to the reception hall, and continue the theme with candles included in table arrangements, on mantles and at the bar area.

Photographer’s Tip: When choosing your photographer, request to see images of cost reception spaces. Look at how the photographer uses the ambient light in the room — does it show up clearly in their images giving a sense of the impact on the day, or is it blown out by the power of their flash? How closely do the images presented represent the atmosphere in the space?

Layer Up!

Draw inspiration from the winter wonderland when selecting your attire. Consider a dress with long sleeves and a train that trails the floor. Adding a faux fur stole, letter jacket, or embroidered denim jacket gives your outfit a bit of personality while keeping you and your bridesmaids cozy during outdoor portions of the day.

Photographer’s Tip: When our hands gets too cold skin tone changes, usually to a brighter red. Avoid this in your photographs by having a bridesmaid carry instant hand warmers that can be distributed during your portrait session. Alternately, giving each bridal party member a mug of hot beverage to hold as they wait their turn will achieve the same result.

Festive Flavours

Cozy up with a hot cocoa bar during cocktail hour. For a self-serve option to please a large crowd, mix hot chocolate into a slow cooker, set to medium or high power. Mason jars are inexpensive containers for a variety of toppings. Consider classic options including crushed candy canes, marshmallows and cinnamon sticks, each with their own spoon for convenient serving. Decorate the table with seasonal greens to incorporate it into your wedding theme.

Party All Night

To reduce risk for guests travelling on snowy roads, consider a venue that can accommodate your entire event. Ask if they have accommodations onsite, or a shuttle service to a nearby hotel. Some guests will plan the entire weekend away, and others will stay longer knowing there is an option for overnight accommodation should the snow start to accumulate in the evening.

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