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Importance of Engagement Photography

Why Schedule an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are a relatively new topic in the wedding photography industry, having become popular in the past decade. There are several key reasons for the success of this trend:

1. Most importantly, engagement sessions allow the three of us to get to know each other. My goal is that the images I create are a genuine representation of the two of you. Seeing you interact naturally will help me bring that out in my art. On the other side, working with me in advance of your wedding day will help calm any nerves about the photography process -- trust me, we'll have more fun than you can possibly imagine, and you'll leave your engagement session even more excited for your wedding day.

2. Engagement sessions allow you to express yourself in ways that are not practical on your wedding day. Do you love to ski? Let's meet on the slopes! Are your dogs part of your family? Let's bring them on a hike through the woods. Do you love Halloween? Let's go pumpkin-picking and take it home to carve. These are activities that define you, both as individuals and a couple, but which are not convenient to arrange on your wedding day!

3. Engagement sessions can be captured at any time of year, in any location. Are you getting married in the summer, but love the snow? Do you love the beach, but are being married on a golf course? Is your grandparent's farm backyard special in your family history, but not large enough to accommodate your wedding guests? With a little bit of advanced planning, engagement sessions are a wonderful way to capture your relationship separately from your wedding day/season/venue.

4. Engagement sessions give you images of your relationship on a typical day, and in typical clothing, preserving the little moments that define your relationship. If you would like, we can use these images at the beginning of your wedding album, to tell a more complete narrative.

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