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Things to Wear/Bring

Item to Bring To Your Engagement Session

1. Sunscreen (For sessions taking place May-September). Consider using an oil-free lotion, rather than a waterproof spray-on aerosol to prevent shininess on your skin. Neutrogena makes a product specifically for your face, but which is ideal on any skin that shows during photographs because it dries so naturally.

2. Bug Spray/Lotion (For sessions taking place May-September. I recommend OFF "Deep Woods", in the green bottle. It is available at most Canadian Tire, Walmart and Home Depot locations. If you are particularly sensitive to bites, please let me know so that I may suggest a location less prone to excessive bugs.). Rather than spraying your whole body, try spraying the air in front of you, then walking into it, or spraying your hand and applying manually. This technique will prevent over-applying which can cause shininess on your skin.

3. Comfortable Walking Shoes (there is a bit of gentle walking required at most engagement sessions. For your comfort, and the protection of your fancier footwear, I recommend carrying the shoes you wish to be photographed wearing; there will be time to change into them as needed)

4. Jacket/Overcoat (even if you don't think you will need it!)

5. Winter Clothing (For sessions taking place late October - early April)

6. Backpack (to hold your phone, car keys, wallet, jacket, water bottle, sunscreen ect. Carrying one bag is easier than several single items)

7. Pets. Completely optional, but certainly welcome. If you do decide to bring your dog/horse/lizard/goldfish/ect. to your engagement session, please do consider the logistics of this process. The comfort of your pet is your responsibility; not all pets enjoy being outdoors, especially in unfamiliar locations. Having a third person who can supervise your pet during segments of your engagement session is often helpful.

Outfit Suggestions For Your Engagement Session

1. Try to stick with neutral, earthy tones ( dark grey, dark forest green, burgundy, tan, blues and deep purples are ideal). Jeans are always a safe option, especially a dark tone denim. Leather jackets are another favourite.

2. Please avoid large graphic images, logos, or distracting patterns on clothing.

3. If you typically love vibrant colour, consider bringing an accessory that can be added, or removed, from your outfit as needed. As an example, in the third image below, the bride-to-be brought a pink fashion scarf, which brightened her outfit during some images, but was later removed to offer variety in her appearance. During the winter, colourful gloves, scarves or hats can accomplish this nicely.

4. Co-ordinate, rather than match, your partner.

5. Plan a suitable jacket or sweater, even if you don't think you will need it. Consider the colour and style of this overcoat so that it compliments your outfit, if possible.

6. A few days before your engagement session try on on your entire outfit. Make sure the entire outfit is comfortable (no itchiness, and you are able to move naturally). Look in the mirror to see the entire outfit together. Check for underwear lines that may be showing through pant fabric, or bra lines visual under shirt fabric. Also look for stains or tears on clothing you may not have noticed previously, especially if wearing a white shirt. If necessary, make adjustments to your outfit and try it on again. Wear it to work, or shopping, and make sure it makes you feel FABULOUS.

Don't forget your best smile, and memories of the love you share -- the rest will come naturally. Relax, and enjoy this wonderful experience.

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