Distillery District

A visit to Toronto wouldn't be complete without a trip to the historical Distillery District. Loved by many for the authentic brickwork buildings, handcrafted artisan goods and delicious cafes, this area offers a taste of the big city in a quaint community. Views of the CN Tower can be seen from the region. In the holiday season the entire area is decorated with string lights and a gigantic Christmas tree, fully illuminated.

Dog Friendly? Yes, outdoors only.

Best Season to Visit: Year-round, although the winter holiday decor is marvellous!

Privacy Level: Low. This is a small space frequented by both locals and tourists. While we will do our best to limit the number of people visible in the backgrounds of images, it is not always avoidable. There are just so many people here.

Permit Required? Yes, and it is on the pricey side. Please contact the City of Toronto for more details. Note that having the permit allows professional photography to take place at the location, however it does not give you any special privilege to part the crowds. Unfortunately, my camera does not give me any right to ask strangers to move out of the way, either. We simply have to be as creative as possible with angles and understand that this is a busy spot.

Parking Fee? Yes. There is an underground parking lot as well as a few city lots within a short walking distance to the Distillery District. Expect to pay at least $15/vehicle, however rates vary based on the time of day, day of week, season and current local bylaws.

While I have yet to capture an engagement session here, I do have a gallery of photographs from previous weddings in the Distillery, to give you an idea of the space.