Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum

This might be the sweetest little museum in Simcoe County. While quite an unexpected spot for an engagement session, it is truly fantastic. It features a shaded tree line, beautiful walking path lined by gardens, an open field area and a rushing creek below an embankment (too steep to climb, but lovely atmosphere). The actual museum displays include antique farming tools, an antique firetruck, saw mill and several other large items outdoors, as well as small buildings with indoor room displays. If you are local to the Coldwater area, or have family ties to the region, this museum might be the perfect spot to pay homage to your roots.

Dog-Friendly? Yes, on leash please.

Best Season to Visit: Year-round.

Privacy Level? Moderate. I do recommend calling ahead and asking permission to use the grounds after-hours, to ensure a distraction-free background and more private setting. When I have used this location in the past the staff have been very accommodating of the request.

Permit Required? No.

Parking Fee? No, however a donation is requested for entry to the museum grounds. The donation supports the maintenance of the property and the purchase of antiques to grow the collection. With your donation you gain access to enjoy the displays before and after your engagement session.