Bass Lake Provincial Park

This is probably the least busy beach in Simcoe County. The water is usually warm, parking is easy to find and in close proximity, and the landscape is visually interesting. The only downside to this beach is the lack of sand. While there is a small patch of sand on one side, it is usually already claimed by another group. The rest of the shoreline is very rocky and a bit uncomfortable on the feet.

If you wish to rent a canoe for your portrait session, we can do so at Bass Lake Provincial Park during the summer season (rentals close during the autumn, however you are welcome to bring your own canoe if you wish to go out on the lake later in the season). Rentals are around $20. If you only rent one our options for photography will be limited based on where I can stand along the shore. Renting a second canoe will enable me to surround you as needed, for more diversity, and will also allow us to get a little further from the main beach scene. Whether you opt to canoe or not, there is a parking fee per vehicle. Once the parking fee is paid, we do have access to the entire provincial park, including the hiking trails and picnic area. It can get a bit expensive, but sets the scene for photographs which tell a complete story.

Dog-Friendly? Yes. This is one of very few beaches that permit dogs on the sand and in the water.

Best Season to Visit: Summer/Autumn. If you plan to venture into the water, even just a little bit, I recommend August or early September for the warmest temperatures. The fall foliage is best around mid-October.

Privacy Level? Moderate. While the beach is rarely busy at all, it is highly visible from the street and nearby houses.

Permit Required? No, however there is a canoe rental fee (optional).

Parking Fee? No.