Tangle Creek Golf Club Wedding Pics
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Tangle Creek Golf Club Wedding Pics

Wedding Venue: Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club, Barrie

When photographing barrie weddings at Tangle Creek, I like to start away from the main golf course area. This often requires a ride in a golf cart buggy, however the bridal party rarely mind! This area far from the clubhouse is not maintained, meaning it has overgrown bushes, and only a few paved pathways. For those couples wanting a photos in a forest-type wedding with the convenient services provided by a golf course, Tangle Creek has both.Once we have exhausted the options in this natural section, I then make my way back toward the golf course, stopping along the way on the top of a hill that overlooks the city of Barrie. As a Tangle Creek wedding photographer, my task is to capture the space the couple paid to utilize, so I bring out my trusty wide-angle lens and get one shot of the couple in front of this stunning view. Finally, we head back to the main clubhouse where there is a wedding gazebo and manicured greens, for a contrasting look from what was captured earlier in the Tangle Creek Golf Course wedding.