Stonegate Inn Wedding Photography
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Stonegate Inn Wedding Photography

Stonegate Inn is exactly as the name implies: a small motel made entirely of old stone walls, covered by twisted vines gnarled and knotted from years of entanglement. While it may not be the largest wedding venue in Orillia, it certainly has the most character. Inside, the lobby has two-storey ceilings that can be appreciated from the ground level, or from Stonegate Inn's Juliet-style balcony on the second floor. The rooms are modestly furnished, but very appropriate for photography coverage pre-wedding ceremony.

This is one of those images that tugs on your heart strings. No matter how talented or technically skilled I may be as an Orillia wedding photographer, I would never have been able to fabricate the emotion of this mother as she sees her daughter dressed in white. The picture was taken in one of the rooms at the Orillia Stonegate, beside a large window. I love the connection they share, not taking their eyes off one another. I equally enjoy the bride being in silhouette, such that she is present in the image without distracting the viewer's eye from the face of her mother. I love the dark shadows and the bright highlights contrasting against each other. I love this moment, with these fabulous human beings. Pictures like this remind me why I wanted to become an Orillia wedding photographer.