Old Mill Inn Garden Wedding Outdoor Space
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Old Mill Inn Garden Wedding Outdoor Space

Wedding Venue: The Old Mill Inn, Toronto 

The Old Mill Inn and Spa is one of the most photographed wedding venues in Toronto. My role as a Toronto wedding photographer is to capture the space using a fresh, creative approach. The standard image of the Old Mill wedding garden space would be taken from the ground level, however at this early point in the day there was limited action taking place there. The bride and her entourage were still getting dressed, and the groom had not yet arrived at The Toronto Old Mill Inn for his wedding ceremony. As such, I wanted to capture the outdoor garden setup, but had time to think of a unique angle for this photograph that also had the benefit of keeping me in the Old Mill building, close to the bride's dressing room.

One of the benefits of having a second photographer (second shooter) at your wedding is the ability for the same space to be covered simultaneously from different angles. While I documented from the window, my second shooter was in the wedding garden area at ground level for the more standard image.