Liberty North Wedding Photos in Barrie
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Liberty North Wedding Photos in Barrie

Wedding Venue: Liberty North, Barrie

Although I do not regularly show them, family and bridal party portraits are some of the most important images taken on a wedding day. As a Barrie wedding photographer, I keep in mind that the people in a couple's wedding party are the closest to them, emotionally. While I love photographing a bridal party as they interact naturally, there is defintely a need for a more formal portrait that can be displayed on a wall in someone's home, or put into a beautiful album layout. Liberty North in Barrie is located ina very urban area, surrounded by industrial buildings. This can make it difficult to locate a background completely natural. Since the back parking lot at Liberty North was unoccupied, and since the few trees available were lush and full there, I combined the industrial with the natural for a bridal party picture authentic to the Barrie wedding venue chosen by this couple.