Why to do a first look at your wedding
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Why to do a first look at your wedding

Many couples in modern times choose to forgo the tradition of waiting to see each other down the alter. They might do this for a variety of reasons, including nervousness about being in front of a bi group of people while experiencing uncontrollable emotions. Another equally important reason not to do a first look at your wedding could be the timeline of the day. With a ceremony that occurs later in the day and does not allow time for portraits of the couple together, seeing each other beforehand allows for the majority of these important wedding photographs to be completed early. 

Having said this, some couple like the tradition of seeing each other down the aisle, but still want to have a few minutes alone together before the ceremony to relieve the wedding jitters. Writing letters to each other can be a great way of accomplishing this. If both couples write a letter and then stand back-to-back when reading them, they can experience their emotions without an audience, while also getting the chance to create memory together.