Curling Club Wedding Photos in Peterborough
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Curling Club Wedding Photos in Peterborough

Receptions are where all of the fun happens! So many brides and grooms send their photographer home early, thinking that it is not important to capture anything that happens later than the first dance. This means that they miss out on the cutting of the cake, bouquet and garter toss, and the main event -- the party! At this Peterborough Curling Club wedding, photos of the groom as he prepared to fetch the bride's garter are where some of his best expressions shine through! In the background, you can see wedding guests watching candidly, imagining how they might feel in the bride's role!

What I loved about this Peterborough Curling Club wedding reception was the way the table layout made photographing the space easy. Rather than all of the tables tightly covering the floor (in which case the staff would later move them for the wedding first dance) the tables were instead scattered along the perimeter of the room, allowing plenty of opportunity for this Peterborough wedding photographer to kneel right beside the bride, shown here.