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Part 3: Family Formals

Part 3: Family Formals

What are "family formals", you ask? Quite simply, these are formal, posed, camera-aware portraits of your immediate family members.

In many cases, these standard portraits become the most important images captured at your wedding day. I have a photograph of my great-great grandparents on their wedding day, and another taken a few years later that shows them with their four children -- including my grandma. Neither of these images is particularly "exciting", but they tell our family history and have become more important with every passing year. Having this part of our family heritage hanging on the wall in my home reminds me of the importance of photographs, and is the reason why I take family formals for every couple who trusts me to capture their wedding day.

Capturing authentic moments is always my first priority, and these Family Formals do not take the place of that documentary-style coverage. That said, both elements come together to offer a very well-rounded perspective on your day, including all of the people you love most.