Window-lit Bridal Portrait
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Window-lit Bridal Portrait

As a Peterborough Ontario wedding photographer, to get the perfect shot, sometimes you have to do some behind-the-scenes work. In this case, I was inspired by the bride's veil, and the way the sheer material criss-crossed over itself. Similarly, the curtains overlay each other in the folds of the fabric. I knew immediately that I wanted to use this location, however there was a large sofa and coffee table beneath the window. Never fear! Peterborough wedding photographers gain their strength re-arranging the homes of their clients on a regular basis. 

I processed this bridal portrait using monochrome to give it a timeless feel, and also to remove the distraction of coloured wallpaper behind the bride's chair. I love the way the bride is gazing pensively as her friends and family arrived for her wedding ceremony, just on the other side of the window.