Wedding Pics from Peterborough Curling Club
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Wedding Pics from Peterborough Curling Club

Wedding Venue: Peterborough Curling Club

Getting one child to look for a wedding photograph is tough enough, but three? These giggly little girls were such fun to work with at this Peterborough Curling Club wedding. They certainly felt like princesses, twirling and dancing in their yellow dresses with bows and lace. The bride commented several times, calling them her "busy bees". They would respond with a unanimous "buzz" sound. How cute is that!

Just before heading to her wedding ceremony at the Peterborough Curling Club, the bride asked for a photograph of herself with the girls, all together. I made the "buzz" sound to get them all to look and respond, hoping that it would result in them laughing at me behind the camera.Sure enough, it worked! The bride, whom i thought would look at me with little difficulty, turned her head just as the girls were facing the right direction. Many Peterborough wedding photographers would discard this image and try to have all four people looking straight-on the camera, however I personally love the expression on the bride's face as she nuzzles the little one. Her turned head also gives the Peterborough wedding photograph a break from a traditional wedding portrait, making it more documentary in nature.