Wedding Pics in Highwayman Inn Bridal Suite
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Wedding Pics in Highwayman Inn Bridal Suite

Wedding Venue: Highwayman Inn, Orillia

Photographing a bride getting ready for her wedding day takes time, patience, and an ability to find the perfect shaft of light. Here, at Orillia's Highwaymann Inn, I saw a bright patio door in the bridal suite. To have good light is not enough for a great portrait. One must also have a means of controlling that light and putting it exactly where planned, such as on the bride's face and makeup brush, to tell the story without giving away too many details. Room-darkening curtains allowed me to direct the light, shaping it as if modelling clay. Although this wedding progressed to Hawkridge Golf Course, I would love to photograph a complete wedding at Highwaymann Inn simply to explore more locations within the hotel's corridors.