Wedding Photographer Peterborough Golf and Country Club
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Wedding Photographer Peterborough Golf and Country Club

Wedding Venue: Golf and Country club, Peterborough

Once your portraits have concluded, the entire wedding party is offered electric golf carts to take them to various locations across the Peterborough Golf and Country club venue, Along the pathway is a small grove of willow trees. Their majestic beauty, combined with the softness of the branches blowing in a gentle breeze makes them a perfect focal point that I love, as a Peterborough wedding photographer!

Once you are ready to head back for the wedding reception, the Peterborough Golf and Country Club offers an air-conditioned banquet space for your guests to relax. One unique feature of this Peterborough golf course wedding venue is the optional ice cream buffet! Guests can create their perfect sundae, topped with whip cream and chocolate sauce.

Late in the day, the warm tone of the sun, combined with its low angle, offer contrast from the midday light that was presant during your Peterborough golf club ceremony. Environmental portraits in this lighting show off the unique venue, as we as more closely cropped portraits that showcase candid moments of the two of you, together.