Rainy Day Wedding Photography
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Rainy Day Wedding Photography

Sometimes, it does rain on a wedding day. Most people agree that it is a sign of good luck, but most brides do not agree. Personally, I love rainy weddings. I love the way guests who may never have met tend to work together to hustle decor indoors, gather closely in a tighter space for the wedding ceremony, and laugh despite the thunder. 

If it rains for a couple's wedding day, I try to incorporate this into their images. My job as a wedding photographer professional is, after all, to capture the day as it existed. In this image of the wedding bands, I used the rain drops to create texture and help tell the story of the day. If you are worried about a rainy day wedding, fear not! The sun will come out, tomorrow.