Photographing Children Getting Ready for Wedding
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Photographing Children Getting Ready for Wedding

Not everyone at a wedding enjoys being photographed, and I certainly understand why this is the case! I still get nervous sometimes when I'm on the other side of the lens. In order to help the bride, bridesmaids, and especially any children to adjust to my presence, I firstly introduce myself to everyone individually without my camera in my hand. Because my face will be hidden behind the camera most of the day, this helps everyone (especially children) connect with me as a person, not only as a photographer. Next, I start by watching the action in front of me from afar as everyone gets ready for the wedding day. I'll tuck myself around a corner, behind a coat rack, or in another room with a view through the doorway. To be clear, I am not trying to hide from the people in the space. Rather, I am giving them the freedom to interact naturally without feeling as though they are being closely watched. Next, I'll work more closely to the bride and others in the space, however focussing entirely on photographing details of the days such as the wedding dress, shoes and accessories. 

It is only after at least half an hour that I will start directing some of the action, such as having each individual sit for a single portrait, or asking the bridesmaids to assist the bride in putting on her veil and shoes beside a beautiful window. Using this step-by-step approach to wedding photography is beneficial for me too, as it allows me to cover the documentary-style action in addition to formal portraits, such that the entire wedding photo gallery has variety.