Peterborough Wedding Photography at Elmhurst Resort
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Peterborough Wedding Photography at Elmhurst Resort

Wedding Venue: Elmhurst Resort, Peterborough, Ontario

For the final image of the day, I took the couple out to a field behind the banquet hall at Elmhurst Resort, in Keene. As the sun dropped below the tree lime, the entire sky lit up with a fiery pink and yellow blaze, perfect for this captured wedding photo. Silhouettes like this are only successful is three important factors are present. Firstly, the background must be visually interesting, since it is the highlight of the image. Secondly, the sun must be directly behind the subject, in order to truly illuminate their shape, and not distract the viewer by being a flare off to the side. Finally, silhouette wedding photos are best when the couple is on a hill or other high ground, such that they are above the tree line, or, in this case, there is a clear space between the subjects and the sun without anything obstructing the view. The field at Elmhurst resort was ideal in both regard: it had a high elevation, and open expanse.