Peterborough and Orillia Wedding Photographer
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Peterborough and Orillia Wedding Photographer

Looking for a unique wedding photo idea? How about a bonfire wedding portrait at night!

If I had to choose a single image of which I am most proud, here it is. This wedding photograph was taken in Peterborough at a backyard wedding. I love working on a client's personal property because every element in the background of images has a personal meaning to them and their families.

It was the very end of the night when the bride came up to me and requested a photograph with her bonfire. When I probed a little further, asking if she had a specific vision in mind, she told me to be creative, and go with my heart. I had never attempted a photograph that mixed such vastly different sources of light (my off-camera flash behind the couple, and the warm tones of the fire), however was fortunate to have such willing participants -- I imagine it was pretty warm in that wedding dress so close to the fire, by the bride sure was a trooper!