Peterborough, Ontario Backyard Wedding Photography
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Peterborough, Ontario Backyard Wedding Photography

Wedding Venue: Backyard on Personal Property in Peterborough, Ontario

Sometimes an image transcends camera settings, technical skills or artistic reasoning. Sometimes, a moment simply deserves to be photographed, even when I have already packed up from my day at a Peterborough, Ontario, wedding and am heading home. This moment, with this bride's father, under the gazebo he built by hand for the wedding day, is one such moment. I love the pride on his face as he raises his glass, not having taken his eyes off the newlyweds once during the speech. I also love how engaged and entirely present the audience is, responding to the toast, holding up glasses instead of cell phones, as is so common in weddings, today.

As a Peterborough wedding photographer, my task in many cases is to represent a wedding day artistically. Perhaps this means seeking out reflections, interesting compositional shapes, or colours. In other cases, wedding photography in Peterborough, Ontario is best dictated my the moment, itself.