Peterborough Curling Club Wedding Photographer
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Peterborough Curling Club Wedding Photographer

Wedding Venue: Peterborough Curling Club

Before heading to the Peterborough Curling Club for her wedding ceremony, I photographed Julie getting ready for the day at her home. 

So many times, images of the bride getting ready for her wedding day are taken from the front, showcasing her expression. Of course, these images are important and should be a first priority of any Peterborough wedding photographer. For this image, however, I wanted to capture the perspective of the bride's sister and mother during the same scene. For this reason, I snuck to the bride's back, such that the light from the window would land beautifully on the sister's face, highlighting her expression. The same light also lands on the bride's mother's hands, which are important in this wedding "getting ready" scene, as the ladies are in the action of pinning the bride's veil in place, moments before her wedding Peterborough Curling Club ceremony. I love the contrast between the white veil and the jet-black background in this image -- all done with proper lighting.