Highwaymann Inn Wedding Pictures
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Highwaymann Inn Wedding Pictures

Wedding Venue: Highwaymann Inn, Orillia

This sweet moment between the bride and flower girl is one of my favourites from the wedding at Highwaymann Inn, Orillia. Just as the bride was preparing to get dressed for her wedding day, the little flower girl curled up in her lap, tired from the excitement of the day (even though the main festivities had yet to begin), beside the patio doors in the Highwaymann Inn bridal suite. The light is directly along the profile of the bride's face, as she is the most important element in the photograph. The child is in shadow, however I do not mind this, as it leaves an element of ambiguity that suggest this could be any child, and any bride. In essence, the ambiguity allows viewers to focus only on the moment, itself, something I strive to capture as a wedding photographer in Orillia. The bride turned to her and began whispering softly, probably telling her how beautiful she looked in her sweet white gown. I love the texture in the brick behind them, which was perfectly juxtaposed by the softness of their dresses, hair, and the moment itself. Moments like these are the reason I am an Orillia wedding photographer.