Father-Daughter Dance at Peterborough Golf Club Wedding
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Father-Daughter Dance at Peterborough Golf Club Wedding

Wedding Venue: Peterborough Golf and Country Club

I am so fortunate that complete strangers trust my skills as a Peterborough wedding photographer in this most vulnerable moments. Here, the father shows incredible emotion as he spins his daughter onto the dance floor. Before the song progresses past the first verse, the love in his heart overpower his self-control to maintain composure. Particularly for men, who are often very proud and show little vulnerability throughout their lives, an instant like this wedding photograph portrays could be rare, fleeting, and never to return. To the bride, having a scene like this captured for eternity is priceless. 

At this point, I could describe the technical detail that went into crafting a wedding photograph like this. I could tell you the camera settings I used, or where my assistant stood as she held my off-camera flash. I could tell you o many details about the creation of this capture at the Peterborough Golf Club, however I prefer to let the image speak for itself from here onward.