Distillery District Wedding Photography
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Distillery District Wedding Photography

In life there are people we are simply meant to meet. We come into each other’s lives for a reason, with each being able to better the other.

I will never forget Joanne and Eric’s magical engagement session in Kleinburg. Exploring the art gallery and then visiting the most adorable little Starbucks coffee shop for a light refreshment was wonderful, but it was the conversation we shared that day that will forever impact me. Joanne and Eric are passionate about culture, travel and experiencing life to its very fullest. From the best board games to the best downtown cafes, we covered topics near and far — as far away as Iceland! Joanne and Eric have visited Iceland more than once, and enjoyed each trip as much as the previous. In fact, Joanne carried an Icelandic rock in her bouquet stem on her wedding day, bringing a piece of their past travels into their future.

After hearing their stories of their adventures in Iceland and later being memorized by photographs of this beautiful country I knew I simply had to visit. At the end of July, with support from family and friends, I booked a trip for my long-term boyfriend and I, planning the surprise of a lifetime for him. I looked forward to eleven incredible days in this magical country, beginning only a month from then.

When I think about their wedding day, many things come to mind. Firstly I remember the incredible, flawless light in Joanne’s spacious bridal suite. The day began in a spacious condo, perfect for getting ready. The make-up team worked on a bar counter in the living room while the hairstylist had her own space in the kitchen area. The gals looked stunning, and I could feel their excitement in the air. One of the most notable moments came when Joanne’s dad entered the room. Only a few days following an eye surgery, he was there with radiant pride, absolutely beaming when he saw Joanne. I also loved Joanne’s “first look” with her bridal party and family. After the final touches were complete, Joanne entered the room to her waiting entourage in a flurry of joy. Their facial expressions speak volumes about their relationship with her.