Congo Dance at Peterborough Golf Course Wedding
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Congo Dance at Peterborough Golf Course Wedding

Wedding Venue: Peterborough Golf Course

The couple at this Peterborough Golf and Country Club wedding chose to enter their reception space and have their first dance immediately. This is a fairly common choice, especially for those who might be a little nervous to be in front of such a large crowd during a very intimate moment. At the conclusion of the first dance song, the wedding disc jockey changed the tempo to the Congo Line! He enthusiastically encouraged all seated guests in the Peterborough golf club banquet hall to jump up and join the parade. This was a very spontaneous moment I had not been anticipating. As is typical in the life of a Peterborough wedding photographer, I immediately had to react to the moment. I firstly captured the moment with no blur at all, to show guests' expressions clearly. Afterwards, with plenty of time remaining in the song, I used a very slow shutter speed on my wedding camera to photograph the scene in a way that highlighted the motion, allowing a viewer of the image to better understand the mood of the scene. The couple remain very clear in this version because they are dancing slowly and therefore are less impacted by the shutter speed. This was certainly an intentional choice, as the image would lose context had they also been blurred creatively.