Weddings are Also About Families
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Weddings are Also About Families

While my primary focus will always be to capture documentary-style moments that happen between the couple, their interactions with guests, and the moments those guests share amongst each other are also given importance.

Particularly in the case of young children who grow and mature constantly, or grandparents whom we treasure in our lives, capturing the present will never be more important. My ultimate dream is that some day many years from now the art I create for you will become a family heirloom, helping to build a tangible record of your family tree -- not just the names of precious people, but the special twinkle Grandpa got in his eye, the silly face little Jimmy made when he was the centre of attention, and your mom's happy tear that said "I'm so proud".

How can your timeline help foster opportunities for these documentary moments?

1. Consider having a receiving line.

While the current trends are steering away from formal receiving lines (in which the couple, their parents and the bridal party line up to greet each guest immediately following the ceremony),this is one of the only opportunities you will have to speak to each and every attendee on the day. Not only will I be able to capture beautiful expressions on the faces of guests greeting you, but also will work through the line-up from an unobtrusive distance, photographing guests speaking with each other. In almost all cases, guests won't even notice I am present, allowing for very natural reactions.

Special note: A receiving line doesn't necessarily have to involve a "line". If you are looking for a more casual affair, consider simply dedicating 15-20 minutes following your ceremony for general mingling as a group.

Special note #2: If possible, have your receiving line outdoors. This will give me plenty of natural light to work with, from all angles. It is certainly an ideal situation for this particular scene. That said, if your wedding takes place in the winter months, the weather is uncooperative, your venue is unable to accommodate an outdoor space, or your simply prefer to be indoors rest assured that I am well equipped to handle all situations and will capture the scene with the same integrity, care and attention to detail as always.

2. If you choose to have a First Look (seeing each other before your ceremony) consider having your Family Formal portraits taken at that time also. This allows for a more relaxed schedule through the remainder of your event, and therefore more time for you to visit with your friends and family.

3. Build in approximately 30 minutes during which you can attend your own cocktail hour.

My goal is to assist you in every way possible. Let's touch-base prior to your wedding and ensure your timeline allows for complete coverage of all Family Formal and Bridal Party groupings you desire, as well as dedicated time for portraits of the two of you together. If we plan it in advance, we can allow for you to have 15-30 minutes of cocktail hour, during which you will be able to mingle with guests at your leisure.