Wedding Pics at Northbrook Farms in Orillia
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Wedding Pics at Northbrook Farms in Orillia

Wedding Venue: Northbrook Farms, Orillia

The moment when a couple walks down the aisle is a highlight of any wedding day. With the stress of the ceremony behind them, and the party to look forward to, it is a great middle-point in the day. The greater excitement, however, is that those few seconds are the first they have ever spent as a married couple, and their future together becomes a true reality. I love being an Orillia wedding photographer because I can eternalize this time for them. Their backs are to the guests for the first time in the ceremony, leaving this precious fleeting time between them and my camera, only. In this Northbrook Farms (formerly Northbrook Heritage Home) wedding, the bride and groom could hardly contain their excitement. It was so sweet how he couldn't take his eyes off her. Later, the bride told me that this was her favourite wedding picture from her day at Northbrook Farms.