Valley Croft Wedding Portrait
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Valley Croft Wedding Portrait

Valley Croft, formerly Lazy Dayz Bed and Breakfast, is a location I love to visit any day, but which especially shines in the autumn. This fall wedding utilized the on-site barn for their ceremony and reception, so I wanted to also include it in a few couple's portraits. I love the little twinkle lights Valley Croft has hung inside their rustic building, which appear in the background and add ambiance to this image. The main light is provided by the sun, streaming in from the barn doorway, creating texture and dimension in the portrait.

I never stage moments, but rather place a couple in a beautiful location and give them a scenario to play out. In this case, the groom was asked to whisper into his new wife's ear and make her laugh. She is gazing out to the Valley Croft gardens where her guests are mingling while the two of them share a private moment. As a Horseshoe Valley Wedding Photographer, it is such an honour to witness intimatacy and laugher between the newliweds.