Stonegate Inn Wedding Picture Photographer
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Stonegate Inn Wedding Picture Photographer

Wedding Venue: Stonegate Inn, Orillia

If you search for reviews of the Stonegate Inn as an Orillia wedding venue, you would probably find out that it is a 10-minute walk from Lake Couchiching, and a short drive from Casino Rama. You might hear about the exceptional front desk service, or the beautiful stone structure of the building, with vines climbing each side. What no one will tell you is about the light in the guest rooms. The wedding photograph taken at Stonegate Inn, and shown here, was captured as the bride and her bridesmaid lifted her wedding dress from a window in the bridal suite. I love the soft light penetrating the translucent dress fabric, highlighting detail of the paisley pattern. When being worn, the pattern is so subtle one hardly notices it, but here, backlit, it shows up clearly. The windows at the Stonegate Inn wedding venue face North and south, preventing the harsh sun from the morning or afternoon from shining directly into the guest rooms. This results in a more even light, better for Orillia wedding photography. I also love the light on the bride's face, just around the edge of her features. Orillia wedding photography is all about searching for a way to showcase the subject that eliminates distractions, and focuses only on the most important parts of the image. Using light is a great way to do just that!