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My contact page might spark a bit of confusion, as I have a studio in Orillia, however also photograph weddings in the Toronto area and Peterborough, and the Kawartha Lakes.

I started my career in Peterborough, in the very house in which the image above was captured. As a 15-year-old girl needing one more elective in grade nine I participated in the first photography course offered by my high school. My instructor became a mentor who spent additional hours outside of class time challenging me to hone my artistic vision and hone my skills. I continued through the photography program as a student in the 10th grade and 11th grade classes. In my final year of high school I became an intern in the program, assisting other students while building my own professional portfolio. It was that year I photographed my first wedding for a couple who took a chance in hiring a passionate teenager whose portfolio consisted largely of animals and landscapes. I moved to Orillia to pursue media studies in university, balancing my time between Peterborough and Simcoe County during the summer months, depending upon my next wedding location. By the conclusion of my degree I had fallen quite in love with the city of Orillia -- the beaches, the culture and the quaint community. I opened my home studio shortly thereafter. I enjoy working with couples across Southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, Muskoka Regions and, of course, back in Peterborough where it all started. The image above features my father, getting ready for his own wedding in the house in which I grew up. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to document precious moments for my own family, but I also loved revisiting the rooms in which I built my first portfolio, seeing light in a new way and appreciating moments I have learned to embrace through my art.

Whether your wedding is in Orillia, or Peterborough, or anywhere in the province, I'd love to hear from you, and learn your story! Contact me, and let's chat!