Peterborough, Ontario Backyard Wedding Photography
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Peterborough, Ontario Backyard Wedding Photography

Sometimes an image transcends camera settings, technical skills or artistic reasoning. Sometimes, a moment simply deserves to be photographed, even when I have already packed up from my day at a Peterborough, Ontario, wedding and am heading home. This moment, with this bride's father, under the gazebo he built by hand for the wedding day, is one such moment. I love the pride on his face as he raises his glass, not having taken his eyes off the newlyweds once during the speech. I also love how engaged and entirely present the audience is, responding to the toast, holding up glasses instead of cell phones, as is so common in weddings, today.

Moments are the foundation of my work. Do I capture more traditional camera-aware portraits? YES. Yes I do. That said, I am always looking for authenticity and raw, unstaged images that give insight into that particular individual. Think of it this way: if you have ever tried to photograph a child, they have two main smiles: the first is their "I'm smiling because I was told to...."cheeeeeese"!, and the second is their "I'm smiling because it's all I can do not to burst out with joyful glee and I want you to know how happy I am right now". Both of these smiles look good on-camera, but to anyone who really knows the child, the second one tells a more compelling story about how they felt in the moment. In children, expressions are often exaggerated and therefore they are easier to understand as an example, however adults have an equal, if not greater, range of natural facial expressions. Authenticity is key in my work. I want you to remember exactly how you felt each and every time you look through your wedding album.