Northbrook Farms Wedding Photography
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Northbrook Farms Wedding Photography

Wedding Venue: Northbrook Farms (formerly Heritage Home), Orillia

Every Northbrook Farm wedding picture is another opportunity to showcase this stunning venue, differently. Northbrook Farms is such a perfect Simcoe County location for wedding pics because it is surrounded by long grasses, towering trees, and fields of yellow flowers. Truly, one feels far removed from the wedding scene when they step aside to this intimate space, perfect for portraits of the bride and groom alone after their wedding ceremony. 

I allow my couples to relax and enjoy an authentic moment. Did I tell the groom to dip his bride back and kiss her for this photograph? No! My task is to set the stage for the photograph (i.e. by moving the couple behind the main building at Northbrook Heritage Home, and into the sunlit field), however I would never ask for a particular pose that may feel unauthentic and contrived. Instead, I simply told them to "pull each other close and do what comes naturally". The couple chose this pose for the photograph, and it is therefore a real moment between them.