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Northbrook Farm Wedding

Northbrook Farm is certainly one of my favourite venues in the Simcoe County Area. Located only a few minutes outside the main centre of Orillia, Ontario, when you roll down the shady lane driveway you’re instantly greeted by a fairytale landscape complete with vibrant gardens (think: every colour of the rainbow blooming at your feet), a wooden archway leading to an open grassy field and clear pond. While you can add your own personal touches to the space, there is little to arrange -- this property comes complete with Nature as your wedding decorator. You simply decide which direction to face for your ceremony, and you're all set!

Shall we run down the list of "must haves", and see how this lovely space measures up?

1. Proximity to major routes and clearly defined intersections. Nortbrook Farm is 8-10 minutes from the highway 11/ highway 12 interchange, and only 5 minutes from the "hub" of Orillia.

2. Parking. Northbrook Farm offers spacious parking, free of charge and easily accessible for guests. Parking is private for venue guests only (no stress over finding spots on the street, walking far distances from the car, or dealing with pay metres.

3. Ceremony Options. Northbrook Farm has three ceremony spaces from which you may choose:

• The House. Built in 1852, this historic home offers a classic backdrop that takes you a step back in time.

• The Pond. Overlooking the pond, your guests will be surrounded by nature with towering trees overhead.They will turn to see you walk across the open lawn or, if you prefer, through a set of antique wooden doors, or another focal point of your choosing.

• The Garden. Be married in front of a stunning arbor surrounded by the gardens. Take in panoramic views in this tranquil paradise.

4. Outdoor Reception. The reception space is a large tent with concrete pad, perfect for busting out your best moves! The venue is licensed, so your bar can be in the tent right where the party happens! You may bring in your own furniture or opt to rent long harvest tables that fit the theme perfectly.

5. Fire pit and twinkle lights...well...everywhere. For many farm-like venues the views end when the sun goes down, but at Northbrook Farms the real magic begins! Take a moment to walk outside and gaze at the beauty around you, illuminated in a stunning display of light and tranquility.

Northbrook Farm at Night

I am often asked how I "pose" a couple, or a group of wildly hilarious bridesmaids. Sometimes the question comes as a nervous inquiry from someone worried about being put "on the spot" ,or made to feel"awkward". Sometimes the question comes from a more overall request to understand why my clients always appear so genuine.

Now, I've given you quite a bit of information about Northbrook Farms, but I assume you are hear because you are interested in photography, and how I approach a wedding. I'll give you a little bit of insight into the featured image at the top of this page.

This particular moment is an example of the unscripted nature of my direction. There is no way I could have asked the bridesmaid to laugh in this particular way, with this level of honest sincerity. Rather, i simply asked them to walk toward me, enjoying this moment together (oh, and if anyone wanted to poke fun at the groomsmen standing behind me, that would be okay too -- and yes, the guys got their turn later!). When the bride and her friends look back at this image years later they will remember the event not only for how it looked, but how it felt. This is very powerful, and very important.

If you wish to hear more about how I capture moments without interruption, or formal posing, check out the rest of my portfolio and the drop me a line -- I'd love to hear more about your plans!