Nighttime Wedding Portraits
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Nighttime Wedding Portraits

Looking for a unique wedding photo idea? How about a bonfire wedding portrait at night!

If I had to choose a single image of which I am most proud, here it is. This wedding photograph was taken in Peterborough at a backyard wedding. I love working on a client's personal property because every element in the background of images has a personal meaning to them and their families. In this case, the bride's grandfather worked tirelessly to arrange the hay bales "just so",crating this cozy circle around the fire.

It was the very end of the night when the bride came up to me and requested a photograph with her bonfire. When I probed a little further, asking if she had a specific vision in mind, she told me to be creative, and go with my heart. When only a small amount of light is present in the scene I typically will add additional lighting (but don't worry -- I blend it in, balancing it with the ambient atmosphere such that it is a supplement, without being overpowering). In this case my assistant held an off-camera flash behind the couple, carefully aiming it above the hay bales such that the majority would illuminate the rising smoke for an interesting visual effect.

Are you looking to have night portraits captured at your wedding, but do not have access to a bonfire? Sparklers are another great way to create a romantic outdoor scene under the stars. Whether you have your guests hold them while you exit the reception or, as in the case below, your guests encircle you during your first dance for a romantic, sparklers add an elegance to your outdoor scene. I would love to capture not only the moment, but also the feeling of this experience, for you.

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