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Covid Concerns

I understand that you have questions about Covid-19 and this page will hopefully provide a starting point but please feel free to reach out directly if I can elaborate on anything below, or if you have further questions.

What precautions do you have in place to help keep me and my guests safe?

My office is, and always has been, in the heart of my home. Even before Covid-19 I liked it this way -- I can sit here with my hot cocoa and my four dogs curled around my feet and inevitably a rerun of the sitcom FRIENDS in the background. By the time Covid-19 hit I was already comfy here and with no coworkers to consider my contact with other humans has been minimal.

While on-location documenting weddings or portrait sessions you will always see me in a mask (yes, even if your venue is outdoors or does not require this and even if other vendors from other companies are not wearing theirs). The same is true of my associate photographer, who accompanies me to weddings. While I normally love to meet your guests during dinnertime I do ask that my associate and I be seated separately right now as this is the only time our masks are removed. After dinner or if we must leave our table at any point they are replaced immediately.

Aside from Covid, photographers typically require a minimum of 10-20' of distance from our subjects as the lenses need that range anyway, so maintaining my 6' of social distance is something I am able to do at all times without detracting from coverage of the event or changing the way I document.

Both myself and my associate are double-vaccinated and happy to show proof to you or your venue.

If I need to cancel my wedding, is the deposit refundable?

Your deposit payment guarantees I will hold the date of your wedding in my calendar for you exclusively. This means I will turn away all other commissions on that date.

For this reason, deposits are non-refundable.

But...what about Covid?

Deposit fees are still non-refundable. Trust me, my heart aches when I think about what Covid has done to our beautiful vibrant industry, our family, our friends and our communities. That said, Covid is not new and current events are being planned with Covid in mind. I will absolutely work with you to reschedule your date if needed but outright cancellation is still an outright cancellation.

If you are concerned about Covid causing stress on your event I highly recommend that you purchase wedding insurance so that you will be protected financially should your event not proceed.

I really appreciate your understanding.

Are you vaccinated against Covid-19?

Yes, I have both doses and an appointment for my booster. My associate photographer, who accompanies me to weddings as additional coverage, is also double-vaccinated. We are both happy to provide proof to your venue as required.

What if get super sick... or test positive for Covid?

Well, that would be rather sad, now wouldn't it? If I die I can guarantee that I will not be at your wedding. The good news is that my associate photographer will be able to provide will be able to continue in my place, taking over the role of lead photographer, and providing the coverage for your day. He would bring with him an associate of his own, selected from our extensive network of competent professionals, ensuring you still receive the two photographers as planned. After the wedding day my associate would complete the editing of your images and deliver the gallery to you.

If I am super-duper sick or test positive for Covid-19 a similar situation would occur in that my associate photographer would become your lead and would bring a second photographer with him. The only difference is that it would still be me who edits your images and provides your gallery.