Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony at St. Georges Church
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Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony at St. Georges Church

St. George's Church is one of the most beautiful in the Toronto area, and was the perfect location for Sara and John's Greek Orthodox ceremony.

If you've had chance to browse my portfolio you will see that I do not light images the way so many other photographers do. The trends right now are either toward "light and airy" images that have a very even pastel colour palette, or dark grainy images that resemble those taken with film cameras, often a look achieved in post-production that was not necessarily authentic to the day the image was captured. While these styles are appreciated by many, I prefer a more classic approach, using light to create a clearly defined subject of the image and very accurately replicating the original colours, textures and details in the scene. Very little editing is done in the post-processing portion of my workflow, as I take great care ensuring the image is captured with integrity to the scene straight in the camera, and only enhance those existing details. Even images converted to monochrome, as in the example above, are handled with respect to the intensity of shades that existed in the original room. The ceremony venue, St. George's Church, has has very warm tones in the walls, ceiling and floors, further emphasized by the golden wooden pews and altar detailing. Rather than fight this, trying to create a whiter colour tone, I love bringing the scene together by pulling from those existing colours.

St. George's Church is a spectacular venue for many reasons. From the incredible architectural details to the easy access and spacious parking, as well as the ability to get to green spaces for your portraits in only a short car ride, I highly recommend this ceremony venue. If you are considering St. George's, or a different venue for your Greek Orthodox or other religious ceremony, I'd love to chat more about the wedding you have planned! Drop me a line!