Grandfather Dances with Bride on Wedding Day
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Grandfather Dances with Bride on Wedding Day

It was the bride's dream to be married on her grandfather's property, and his dream to help hers come true. For months he prepared the farmland by mowing trails, that later served to help guide guests from the ceremony to the wedding reception, baled hay as seats for the couple's ceremony and, later, around their bonfire, and, I imagine, spent a great deal of time enjoying every step of the process. 

In this image, the bride dances with her grandfather under the big white tent rented for the occasion. I adore the soft glow of the mini lights in the background, adding a bit of sparkle and a bit of magic to the event. Their expressions are perfectly in-sync, as they turned toward the off-camera flash being held by my assistant, laughing the whole while. You would have to ask the bride to confirm, but I believe this image summarizes their relationship quite well.