Furry friends for the win - Dogs at weddings
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Furry friends for the win - Dogs at weddings

Your furry friends are important and are like family. They play an important part in our lives so why not have them there, on the most significant day of your life!

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate your companion into the day.

You can have them participate in the getting ready stages of the day by sitting beside you, posing with the group, cuddling and squeezing their plush fur. You can also have them join in the ceremony stage. They can walk down the aisle with someone, stand with the wedding party, have them front and center watching the vows or signing take place. How about the reception!, they could participate in the activities you set out.

The fun part about having your furry there is that they can also dress the part. They can wear specifically made bow ties/ties, sleek vests/jackets, or collories with significant importance to them. Whatever they may wear, you will know that they will take your breath away!

It's important to make sure that your venue allows pets before planning to have them there. If your loved one cannot make it, there is no need to stress, you can incorporate their liveliness in the decor inspiration. From invitations to favors to center pieces you can utilize them in just about anything!

Location: Fallingbrook Dr., Cavan Ontario.