Tudhope Park Orillia Engagement Pics
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Tudhope Park Orillia Engagement Pics

This Orillia engagement session was taken at Tudhope Park, along the lovely Couchiching Beach, in order to accommodate all four members of the family. The couple made it very clear that their two large and fun-loving pooches are incredibly important in their lives and deserved representation in their Orillia engagement photography, since they wouldn't be at the wedding. When I saw these two trees, illuminated by the sun behind, I knew it woould be a perfect location for this image. The trees form a frame around the family, and help direct the viewer's eye down the trunk to the main subjects. Although I chose the Orillia engagement location for the trees, I do enjoy that the picnic table is unoccupied and so close to the family. The table helps the image tell a more complete story. It is as if they came to the Tudhope Park for an early dinner on this beautiful sunny summer day and just stood up to continue their walk. In other words, the picnic table gives the Orillia engagement picture context.  

One thing to keep in mind when including dogs in your Orillia engagement pics is that the session time can be split between the entire family and the two of you, as a couple, alone. This allows for maximum variety in the engagement photos while also giving two distinctly different moods -- one fun and adventurous, and the other romantic and intimate. In this case, the couple put their dogs in the vehicle for the final few minutes of the portraits, however bringing an assistant is also a suitable way of solving this problem.