Scout's Valley Engagement Session Orillia
Barrie and Orillia Wedding Photographer - Flashback Photography

Scout's Valley Engagement Session Orillia

After our engagement session at Scout's Valley in Orillia, this bride and groom decided also to have a few engagement portraits taken at the Westridge Park, a central public area with a forested trail on one side and an open space on the other. The two locations are only five minutes apart. On the drive there, I saw the sun starting to set over the hill. As an engagement photographer in Orillia, I tend to see light in a way that is different from most regular people, who are able only to determine IF it is sunny, and where the sun is in the sky. I, on the other hand, can see the potential that the light may have in an engagement photograph, using cues in the light intensity, direction, angle, and colour tone, as well as my knowledge of professional photography and the capability of my camera. Once the sun begins its decent, it tends to go down very quickly, often giving me only a few minutes of ideal light for my work as an Orillia engagement photographer. I pulled to the side of the road, and my clients fortunately also stopped, thinking something was wrong. Instead, something was great. 

Together, the three of us climbed a massive hill, covered by ugly construction dirt, and not appearing very photogenic from a distance. At my angle, however, a silhouette was created with the sun behind the bride, groom, and two large trees. The couple are standing on the hill, while the tree trucks start on level ground behind the hill, making all figures appear the same height and creating interesting composition for an Orillia engagement photograph. When working with your professional photographer, trust their creative judgment for unique engagement photos in areas that may be completely unexpected.

Once finished with this brief interlude, the engagement session at Scout's Valley did continue as planned at Westridge Park in Orillia.