Barrie Engagement Photographer
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Barrie Engagement Photographer

How do you go about finding a Barrie engagement photographer? Well, you could try a quick online search, or using social media to connect, however it can quickly become overwhelming with so many talented individuals wanting to take your Orillia or Barrie engagement pictures. 

A way of narrowing down the options could be asking to see a full engagement photo gallery from each of the photographers in the Barrie region. Seeing the entire gallery will give you a better sense of the style used. Are most of the images dark, with crisp highlights and shadows? Are most of the images bright, and evenly lit? Do the couple appear relaxed throughout the entire Barrie photo session? Do they change outfits part way though, for variety? Are most of the images formal, posed engagement portraits, or documentary-style? 

Another good way to select your Barrie engagement photographer is by looking at the backgrounds of images. Is there anything distracting that takes away from the couple? Do they show off elements of the city, such as Couchiching Beach Park, or the Barrie Spirit Catcher statue? Do the people in the picture appear sharper than the background, drawing your eye to them?

These tips for finding a Barrie engagement photographer are hopefully helpful in your search!