Archibald Orchard Engagement Portraits
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Archibald Orchard Engagement Portraits

It seems every engaged couple in the greater toronto area (GTA) wishes to have their engagement portraits captured in the autumn, when the leaves are a brilliant orange, red, and yellow. Aside from the fall foliage, apple-picking is another reason to look forward to fall, and makes for a favourite pass-time for engaged couples, and anyone living in the beautiful province of Ontario. As a Bowmanville, Ontario, engagement photographer, Archibald apple orchard combined the apple-picking activity with the autumn scenery. As some couples may be nervous during their first professional photo session, having an activity with which to keep occupied can sometimes help take their minds away from the pictures, and allow them to re-focus on enjoying the time with each other. When the clients are having fun, I also have fun, and the portraits have a playful authenticity to them!

For this particular engagement photo, I chose a low angle that included an entire row of small apple trees in the Archibald orchard. The couple are in the centre of the picture where the apple trees lead your eye directly to them. They appear small in scale, putting the focus on the scenery which is larger than life. 

If you think autumn is the time of year for your Bowmanville engagement pictures, you may consider Archibald orchards' apple picking as the perfect activity to capture your relationship!