Elmhurst Resort Wedding Photos
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Elmhurst Resort Wedding Photos

Wedding Venue: Elmhurst Resort, Peterborough

Elmhurst Resort is a unique Peterborough wedding venue situated along a lake, with a view out onto the water. The gardens are lush and green, the reception hall spacious and bright, and the back deck makes for the perfect ceremony space. 

When a couple hires me to photograph their Peterborough wedding day, my role is not only to document the clearly very nice areas of their venue, but also to recommend locations I feel would make beautiful photos, despite being overlooked by many people. The back field, far from the gardens or water-front views, is one such location on the Elmhurst Resort property. Most would walk by without giving it a second glance, but I saw early in the day that this would be where the sun finished its journey. With the background of a thick tree line, the golden glow of the late sun behind it, and an open grassy space for my clients to interact, this was a quiet, peaceful area away from the chaos of the wedding where we could create uninterrupted portraits of the two of them. Elmhurst Resort has wonderful staff that were busy serving dessert at this time, keeping guests occupied, and giving my clients a treat to look forward to receiving!